Welcome to Witchy Woman Podcast! This is a blog born out of a podcast, that was created from a spark of my need to express myself. So here it is in all its glory, my first post!

For those who are wondering, yes I have a legitimate case of resting bitch face, and I identify as a witch. So there was the combination that I decided on for the title of my podcast and blog.

I wanted a space where I could talk about things that matter to me and to other people that may not be on a path that is parallel to the mainstream way of going about life. I’m sure at some point I will upset someone and that’s ok. I have opinions and ideas and so do others. It’s not a requirement that we all think the same. Imagine if the world were full of robot-like people that agreed and felt the same about everything all the time. There would be no creative art, discussions, literature; just boring coma-inducing same old same old. That is not the world we live in though and I am so very thankful for that.

Let’s get to the introduction part of this. I am a wife, mom, hypnotherapist, reiki master, equestrian, book nerd, crazy cat lady, lover of chihuahuas, medium, and witch. There are so many more things but those are what comes to mind immediately. They are the parts that make up who I am.

I’ve been on this witchy path for a very long time, studying in secret when I was in college, hiding my books under my bed or in boxes

I have wanted to open up a witchy shop for years and the opportunity came to me last year when I moved my wellness business closer to home and a space was available with a beautiful retail window in the downtown shopping area. I could offer wellness services AND retail! The idea of offering crystals, incense, and my witchy wares sparked some serious drive to make it work. So The Sage Stone & Candle was open for business in a small conservative town in Alliance Nebraska. I opened my doors and was so afraid people would be afraid of what was inside, but was met with smiles and open minds! I’ve developed some really amazing friendships with people that come through my doors and learned so much about myself in the process.

Since opening, I’ve offered my mediumship services to the public and have had an amazing response. The capacity of this little town to open their minds and try new things is always surprising me. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some rough times and people that don’t appreciate my little witch shop being in their town. I’ll be sharing those stories on the podcast and here at some point. But for now, I’ll leave it at that.

If you had any questions for me please post them! I hope that the first episode gave you a little idea of who I am.

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