Cluster #%&! of a Week-Changing Names

So this last week and a half has been a shit show. I’ve had a shitty personal health week, my daughter was hit and her car totaled, drama at the school she goes to due to incompassionate children and their parents who are blind to their behavior, and now this. Today I got an email saying I need to change my podcast name. This doesn’t just affect my podcast but this blog, artwork, the podcast recordings themselves, and my sanity. I had searched the podcast world for the name that I am using and came up with nothing. Then when I searched my podcast name to make sure it was searchable, two podcasts came up in the list.

So, I’ve changed the podcast name to Witchy Woman Podcast. I searched all over and didn’t see this one used. So I bought new domains, put in an order for artwork changes, and will be changing the location of this blog to .

This will be active in the next 72 hours so just keep that in mind. I’m sorry for any inconvenience and do apologize to the owners of the other podcast. So here’s to the new name and better week ahead!

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