Weird Words, Kids Crying Witch, & Group Hexing

Words I Suck At Saying

I am a solitary practitioner and I don’t have to say words of the craft out loud very often, if at all. I know how to pronounce most of the Sabbats though and that’s because I make candles and supplies for those that I carry in the shop and need to be able to talk about them to customers. But for the most part, I stumble over words that I probably should know how to say. If you’re a listener of the podcast you are well aware that I twist my tongue up into knots when trying to pronounce most of the non-muggle words. My complete ineptitude when it comes to pronouncing difficult words sprung a fun idea for the podcast. I decided that I’d ask my friend Taryn to get a bunch of pagan/metaphysical/spiritual words together along with their meanings and correct pronunciations and she’d send my husband and I these words and we try to correctly pronounce them and then guess what they mean while we record this week’s episode. It was hilarious! I really should turn in my witch card because I sucked it up terribly! My husband was such a good sport and he even got a couple of the pronunciations correct! All in all, we had an amazing time and I promised I’d list the words we tried to say here. And here they are:

Braucherei Candomblé
Chaldean sequence
Leanan sídhe

You try to say these and decide what they mean! I only knew a couple of them, and not very confidently at that!

Kids Crying Witch

I’m sure if you’ve been a practicing witch or are a part of any other practice or faith that isn’t an Abrahamic religion, that you’ve had some fear-based reactions from others. My daughter had this happen to her at her high school this week and she handled it amazingly. In fact, she handled it much better than my knee jerk reaction to the situation when she told me about it. Earlier this week a student went to the principal of her school and told him that Maddy’s mother is a witch (and I believe she mention the medium stuff too but her focus was on me being a witch). She was concerned that Maddy was, by proxy, a witch as well. The principal handled it well and told the student that it wasn’t any of his or her business and to get back to class. Since they got no answers from him, my daughter got interrogated later that morning. She was asked if I curse people, if I can read minds, and if all of that is inherited skills. She said there were even teachers questioning her and asking about hell and damnation because I am not a Christian. My daughter answered all the questions with enough information to satisfy them but not enough to peg herself as the same as me. But also left it open to interpret her omissions as the possibility that she can and is a witch and/or medium. She said the rest of the week was excellent! The mean kids didn’t bother her and gave her a bit of fearful respect, allowing her to feel a bit of relief this week from her tormentors.

The protective momma bear in me was a bit upset when I heard that this happened. I just kept wondering what the hell the student’s parents said to put that much fear into their child that they felt their only outlet was to go to the school about it. I live in a small town, less than 300 people in it. So it’s no surprise to me that at some point someone would gossip about me and my family. But this is 2019! I had really hoped that this little spot on the globe had been educated on tolerance and was just a tiny bit more open-minded than when I was going to high school here. But no, it isn’t.

I told my daughter she handled it well and was proud of her for being so calm and collected about it all. It could have been worse, and I am thankful that it was just one student that led the charge and not a crowd of them. Very thankful that those who did ask her questions were, for the most part, respectful.

Group Hexing

Witchcraft activism is a growing movement to use the craft to influence politics, people, social injustices, and other activism worthy targets. I was thinking about this and the ethics when I was scrolling Facebook and I came across a news headline about witches hexing or cursing Trump. I am not going to talk about political preferences at all. I stay clear of anything political and the word leaves a shitty taste in my mouth. But, I asked myself if I felt it was ethical and immediately felt that it was. Witches banded together to speed up karma after the horrible injustice that was the Brock Turner case. They wanted justice and went about it by group hexing him. Why not? People pray for justice all the time? Isn’t witchcraft sending out an intention as well? When I asked my husband about the ethics of this as it pertains to hexing Trump I had expected some sort of negative response but he agreed that it isn’t any different than praying for a certain outcome of a bill or vote. It is just sending out your intention and hoping to get the result you are working for.

You just don’t see headlines that say “Group of Christians Pray for Justice” or “Mass Prayer to Take (insert leader) From Power”. Those headlines wouldn’t sell or get read because they aren’t different or thought-provoking. The media will always blow things out of proportion, no matter what the subject. So, these stories are just ways to get one side mad at the other. It’s to get whatever opposition the witches are hexing something to bark at, a chance to be the victim. The media and their shit storm of irresponsible reporting is a whole other subject that I’d rather not dive into at this point. But my point I guess is that just because it’s in the media doesn’t mean it’s a big deal or something to be fired up about.

So group hex, group prayer..hell group sex if that’s what gets ya going. To each their own really isn’t taken seriously enough these days!

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