Smoky Quartz, Muggle Questions, & Intention Magick

My Smoky Quartz Addiction

I LOVE smoky quartz! I wear smoky quartz earrings, a ring, and a pendant daily. Usually there’s my favorite smoky tumble in my pocket that has amazing rainbows in it as well as one in my pillow case on any given night. I can’t get enough of the stuff! Seriously!

So what is so special about it? SO MANY THINGS! To start off with it is a quartz with color basically. It is made the brown color through natural radiation from the surrounding rock around it that activates color centers around aluminum impurities. So that to me is pure magick! It’s crystal structure is hexagonal. Most of the smoky quartz in the world comes from Brazil but another large contributor is Madagascar. It is also found in the US, Russia, Ukraine, and Switzerland.

Smoky Quartz was given the name by JS Danain in 1837 because of it’s similar visual properties as smoke. I tried a bit to look up this person and found very little, so sorry for that! I tried!

Scotland has chosen smoky quartz as their National Gem. They call it cairngorm, after the Cairngorm Mountains. I already love Scotland and wanted to visit, that just made my desire to go there stronger! Another place that honors smoky quartz is New Hampshire, where on May 31, 1985 they deemed it their official Gem of New Hampshire.

What really got me fired up and excited was that there is smoky quartz with amazonite found near Pike’s Peak Colorado! That is only four and a half hours from me and I see a digging trip in my future! I can just picture pulling that out of the earth and the feeling you’d get doing that! AMAZING!

Let’s talk about the metaphysical properties of this beautiful crystal. It is associated with the root chakra and draws in energy from your crown chakra and down to the root, which creates a connection from above and below. This crystal creates a protective shield against, psychic attacks, environmental stress, and emotional trauma. It is a crystal that absorbs negative energy, so this one is a great crystal for empaths!!! It is an important crystal to use for grounding and cleansing.

The one variant of smoky quartz that I don’t have that I want SOOO BAD is a Brandberg Smoky Quartz! This is a blend of clear, amethyst, and smoky quartz that has very high vibrational properties! This crystal is found only in Namibia Africa. It is aligned with pure consciousness and is a crystal of healing and perfection with the ability to restore a person back to their ethnic blueprint and to align with the Divine Source. I will be searching gem shows for my perfect Brandberg!

You should be informed about the origination of smoky quartz and buy it from a reputable source, because some of the smoky quartz sold has been artificially heated to create a darker color.

Questions Muggles Ask

I thought it’d be interesting to hear questions you get asked as well so I’ll post mine if you post yours! Post yours on Twitter with #witchyquestions or in our Witchy Woman Facebook Group!

  1. Can you do mind control? Um no
  2. Is it hereditary? (being a witch or being a medium) Might be, my daughter has similar abilities.
  3. So you’re like Long Island Medium but from Nebraska? No, we all have a different spin on this gift.
  4. Can you fly? (said as they giggle) No but I wish I could! That would be badass!
  5. So do you dance naked outside during full moons? …maybe
  6. Can you curse my ex/mother-in-law/etc for me? I could but no.
  7. If you’re psychic then why don’t you just see the lottery numbers and win? Not how my gift works
  8. You know you’ll go to hell right? Um no, I don’t believe in hell. (watch their head proceed to explode)
  9. Do you worship Satan? No..come on be a little creative? That one is old.
  10. You don’t really believe witches are a real thing right? This one creates an eye twitch when they ask me. I won’t go into my rant on this one, it’s in the podcast episode this week: Episode 7.

Intention Ritual Magick

Now that I’m irritated at the last question and have an eye twitch, even though no one right now asked me that but the memories of those who have got to me, let’s change gears a bit. Let’s talk about intentions and a little thing I did to help me manifest what I am working towards. Spring is an excellent time for intention work! We plant literal seeds to create flowers and crops, we can also plant our seeds of intention and work with the energy this time of year to create forward movement and magick!

What you will need:

  1. Candle- Can be a white candle.
  2. Intention Candle- One that aligns with your intentions. For example if your intention is to bring prosperity into your life then a green or gold candle would be appropriate. But a plain white one works as a catch all candle.
  3. Incense- Whatever you choose to get yourself into a centered and ritualistic state of mind. I like Sandalwood or something aligned with your intentions. An example would be for love, jasmine or rose.
  4. Pen and Paper.
  5. Offering bowl with crystals and/or herbs that align with your intentions. I like citrine, clear quartz, emerald, or jade for prosperity work.

You can cast a circle or ask for protection and guidance from your Guides, Angels, or Deity. I light my altar candle/s and incense then meditate and center myself. Then I work on releasing anything that is no longer serving my highest good; limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, negative energy, or any energy that is no longer serving my highest good. Then if I find it necessary I will cut chords and then center myself again. After that then I light my intention candle and write down my intentions on the paper. I then say them out loud as many times as I feel like doing. I like three times but I have no set number. I then put the folded paper in my offering bowl and ‘bury’ it under the crystals and herbs I have in there. Then meditate on those intentions as if they have been met; imagine your life with those intentions being completed or coming to fruition. I do this as long as it takes for the visualization to come easy to me, sometimes it takes a half hour and other times it takes less time. When I am through with that, I send my gratitude into the Universe for all that I have been blessed with. Examples of that are health, family, job, etc. You can say whatever comes to you. Release your circle and/or thank your Spirit Team for being with you.

Part 2 for this will be available next week (March 18th) and I will show you what I do with that paper with my intentions on it.

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**I mentioned The Dopemystic Wytch on the podcast so here is her link for her Facebook page, Dopemystic! She makes amazing magickal jewelry!**

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