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Better Than Thou

So in my search for ideas for the podcast I came across a tweet that ruffled my feathers a bit and decided I needed to talk about it. I won’t throw this person under the bus so please don’t ask who it was. She said that you cannot be a witch unless you come from a line of witches or you are given the ‘gift’ by a higher power. I’m paraphrasing but you get the idea. The idea that there is some sort of bloodline limiting a faith baffles me. This isn’t royalty and you can’t be queen witch. She went on to say you are lying if you say you are a witch if you don’t come from a lineage of witches, which really pissed me off to be honest. This implies that we are intentionally deceptive to call ones self a witch if you don’t have proof of belonging to a lineage of witches. I’m calling bullshit on that one.

For a lot of us one of the big reasons we didn’t go down the path of some Abrahamic religion was because of the elitist attitudes and all the constraints of those paths. So saying that unless you are born a witch, you’re a poser, really doesn’t sit well with me. First of all, with that logic that would mean that because a person is born into a Catholic family means that they can’t be any other religion because otherwise you’ll be faking it and never be able to authentically walk that path. Second, take your broomstick out of your ass.

I believe you can absolutely be a taught witch, most of us are. How many have the time and resources to track down your family lines to see if there’s a witch? Probably not many of us do. It’s hard to weed through all the information and see if one has a witch in their bloodline because our ancestors did all they could to bury that information due to being persecuted. And I don’t think the word witch was necessarily the word they used anyway. Midwives, wise women, herbalists, and intuitives were all thought to have been witches in the meaning that was used to figure out if you could be executed for witchcraft. It means so many things. So if my family had a bunch of intuitives in it would it qualify as having ‘witch blood’?

Bottom line is we all have opinions and we can believe what we want, but this particular belief I think is unhealthy. So stop the ‘better than thou’ attitude and deal with whatever emotional baggage that created that self-elevating belief.

Dark vs Light

Another argument in the community is the dark/black vs light/white magick or witchcraft. This particular tweeter also said you are black or white in witchcraft. I have pretty strong opinions about this as well. How can we be only one thing when we are human and are never ONLY thinking light thoughts/energy or ONLY thinking dark thoughts/energy? We are flawed and complex and so that transfers to the realm of our practice as well. You can’t exist in one or the other, it’s impossible. Then there’s the idea of grey magick or witchcraft to blend the ideas of both sides into one practice. I think that’s closer to reality but to be more accurate I think we have to look at magick as ever changing. The seasons move from light to dark and back, the moon cycles from dark to light and back, and our human physical bodies have cycles. I think it’s narrow minded to think that energetic work isn’t similar to those cycles as well.

My Friend Shelley

Shelley Leggett is a friend and fellow witch and medium. She was a super fun guest on the podcast this week and I wanted to share her information and a bit about her here so that you can find her!

Shelley is a psychic medium helping women to heal their past trauma. She has a great website www.lavenderpotions.com where you can find all her creations she sells as well as book her for a reading! You can also find her on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/lavenderpotions/.

Thank you so much Shelley for chatting with me and being on this week’s episode of Witchy Woman Podcast!

Thank you all for reading and listening! Here is the link to this week’s podcast: Episode 8

You can also reach me: Twitter Facebook Instagram www.danaesweet.com

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