Spiritual Dongs and Akashic Records with my Bestie, Taryn!

Please Put Away Your Spiritual Dick

Pretty sure this post will rub people the wrong way and so will the podcast episode, but oh well. This weekend a friend and I attended a metaphysical fair that I had a vendor booth at. It was a small venue and there were maybe 15 vendors there. I felt the need to go because it’s close to home and I really want to get the word out that I have a shop. So I packed my witchy wares up and headed to the show which is an hour from the shop. I’m not sure if it was because the show started out with dick swinging or what but I was very aware of that going on around the fair the whole weekend. Don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of genuine healing experiences happening. I was, for the first time, noticing the egotistic behavior during this fair. I’d been to fairs before and not even thought about it because I was new and freaking out about doing readings for people and being ‘out’ as a medium. I was too wrapped up in my own inner monologue and struggle to notice anything else around me at the time. So this time, I was comfortable and not nervous. I was able to really take in the atmosphere, and boy was I in for an interesting weekend.

I am sure we all have encountered the unsolicited spiritual dick pic situation. What I mean by that, is the brandishing of spirituality like it’s something to give you elevated status and accolades for. Let me set the stage for you. You walk into a room and there are a myriad of healers and readers there. Inevitably, one of them catches you and starts to give you their spiritual resume as if they were sliding into your DMs with a dick pic. You never asked for it. You most certainly didn’t want to see it. You are just here to have a good time and hopefully get a reading or healing at the fair. But it happens a lot and this has seriously got to stop.

Social media has done a lot to help bring spirituality and alternative wellness modalities to the forefront, however, it’s also allowed a toxic sludge to poison the spiritual well. The need for attention and that dopamine hit that is triggered by likes, followers, and comments has darkened the community. The more you are liked online then the more authentic and amazing you must be, right? Um no. The internet has been flooded with self-acclaimed spiritual gurus, healers, and miracle workers. There are authentic ones, don’t think I am without hope. But the spiritual community has seen an influx of people that took a $5 course from a cheap website and say they are experts. The more services and ‘expertise’ they offer the bigger their spiritual phallus grows and the more they flaunt it. I picture a monkey swinging their dong around in the zoo while smiling at the crowd.

I am in no way claiming I’m the best ever spiritual person. I have a lot to learn! I think there’s always more to learn and people to learn from. I am human, therefor never perfect. I hope that what I do helps people and I’m constantly learning and trying to polish my own spiritual skills so that I can be a better human and be of service to humanity. I cuss, I get selfish, I swing my spiritual dong around when I shouldn’t. The difference is that I feel AWFUL when I realize that I’ve done that. I never want to belittle others, make them feel as if I need validation from them, or feed my ego by bragging. Some would say my podcast is a platform for dick swinging, and yes it could definitely be used for that but I try hard to check myself and make sure I don’t use it for that.

So, what can we do about it? There’s not a damn thing you can do to change others. Nothing. Nadda. Zip. But you can change yourself. Be aware of your patterns and learn to recognize that behavior. I believe self-awareness is the key to most things in the spiritual world, can’t change the world without changing ourselves.

Now enough of that, let’s just be better people and I’ll stop talking about dongs.

Akashic Records with Taryn Ash

If there is ever a person in this world that I know would have my back without a shadow of a doubt and is my person, it would be Taryn. I bitch, rant, cry, share ideas, and grow with her. I wanted to share the gift that she has for humanity. She reads the Akashic Records for people and it is freaking amazing! In my interview with her, she describes it as the record of everything that was, is, and ever will be. It’s the Source energy that connects all of us and can be accessed if you have the patience to learn and the gift to read them.

I have had readings from her and I can tell you from personal experience that they are life altering. There are times when I am completely lost in my life and a reading from her can set me back on track, give me a direction, and restore the passion I have for my life purpose.

To give you an idea of how it works when she reads for me, there are first the questions I need to form. What do I want to ask? I send them to her and she forms my blabbering questions into organized and specific form so that she can focus on a specific answer/s. She asks for my full name and permission to access my Records. She then goes into my records by means of a prayer and guidance from Guides and records it all. This is done on her own and she doesn’t need to be on the phone or present, so far they’ve all been done like this. After she is done she thanks the Records and the Guides for assisting her and closes my Records. She then emails me the audio recording and then I can listen to it as many times as I need to.

I won’t go into too much detail about the readings and how she does it because it’s all covered in this week’s podcast episode. But it is a highly specific form of communication and done by maintaining a high vibration so that she can access the information she needs. I find this so interesting and am so proud that my friend does this noble work for humanity!

If you’d like a reading from her please contact her via email at sandhillsoul@gmail.com or on Facebook here:

Thank you so much for reading and listening to The Witchy Woman Podcast!! I appreciate each and every one of you!

You can listen to the podcast here: https://witchywomanpodcast.podbean.com/

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