Hecate, Diamond Dowsing & Living My Truth

Badass Goddess Hecate

If you are just starting this witchy path or are a seasoned Crone, you have probably seen the name Hecate in association with witchcraft. She is thought of as the Goddess of Witchcraft, among many other associations. She is the Virgin Goddess, Triple Goddess (shown with three faces/heads in statues), Goddess of Crossroads, entrance ways, crossroads (three way crossroads), knowledge of poisonous plants, spirits, and necromancy.

Her origin has a couple different versions, but the one I found that was listed the most, and the one I think resonates with me, is that she was a Titan. Her parents were Perseus and Asteria. Zeus actually allowed her to retain her power after the Olympians took over. She’s who you hear in the Persephone and Hades story that turns out to be besties with Persephone and granted honor in the Underworld by Hades for keeping Persephone company in the Underworld. She is a badass in my opinion! She not only was the only Titan that kept their power and authority after the take over, but she gains power in the Underworld. She feels like the badass boss bitch that goes through hard times and comes out on top every single time! The energy surrounding her is something I call on when I need to channel that self-preserving and proactive feminine energy.

Here are some of her correspondences so if you’d like to honor her on your altar or set one up just for her you can use some of this list for reference:

Animals: Black dogs, horses, sheep, owls, bats, snakes, and boars.

Plants: Willows, blackthorn, saffron, raisins and currants, any night-blooming plants, and pumpkins

Oils: Cinnamon, myrrh, mugwort, honey, lime, and lemon verbena

Crystals: Sapphire, silver, gold, moonstone, black tourmaline, black onyx, hematite, and smoky quartz

Colors: Black, orange, yellow-orange, and red-orange

Have fun and be respectful working with this powerful Goddess!!

Reference sites:

Diamond Dowsing! Yes Please!

I knew when I started the podcast that I had to have Rene Dwelle on to share her healing modality with everyone! She is the owner of Holistic Healing Therapeutics in Bismark South Dakota. As I am writing this she is celebrating a 10 year anniversary for her business!

Rena is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Psychic/Medium, Natural Therapeutic Specialist, Certified Holistic Healer, and Certified Diamond Dowser.

According to her website,
https://renadwelle.wixsite.com/holistichealing, Diamond Dowsing “is a unique Divining method that is used to detect and cure energy in our environment created by disturbances to the Earth’s natural and harmonious flow. These energetic disturbances can cause stress and dis-ease in your body–as well as your home/office. Copper “cures” are used to treat and heal the energetic disturbances on the physical property and left in place. By curing the disturbances in the environments that you live, work, and play you are sure to put your life on a path of transformation.”

She explained it as working with light frequencies to create powerful change! I absolutely can not wait to have a session with her! I have participated in her free meditations she offers on her Facebook show The Rainbow Bridge here:
https://www.facebook.com/HolisticHealingTherapeutics/ . Please listen to this week’s podcast episode and her explain it, because she has some amazing stories about healing and change for her clients! She does this in person or distance healing as well. This modality can be used on a space, building, and your body. I plan on doing all of the above and I’ll share my experience with you after I’ve had the sessions.

As promised here is the picture that she talked about of a client’s house and the dark vortex caught on camera! This is an unedited picture with some really strange anomalies!

Living My Truth Is A Pain In The Ass

I have found that living my truth, out loud, has led me to my purpose in life and points to the path of happiness. It isn’t a hop and skip down a flower-lined golden path by any means, it can really suck. I am sensitive sometimes and the backlash that I get from people in the town I have my business in can sting for a bit, but I shake that off pretty quick. What does linger a bit is the negative comments or actions from people that live in my community as well from my daughter’s peers.

If you have been listening to the podcast in the first couple episodes, you know that we had a kid go to the school concerned about my daughter being the daughter of a witch and they’d like her to be kicked out. It was an annoying incident, but the school handled it and it was over, so we thought. Since they didn’t get the reaction they wanted, they tried again, this time at Prom. Basically, my daughter was mocked publicly for my spiritual beliefs and hers. This was at her Junior Prom and in front of her peers as well as some parents and staff. She was embarrassed and I was and am still furious. If someone mocked a student for their Christian beliefs I think there would have been a much different reaction from the school and the students. I need time to cool down and to figure out what steps to take, but this is going to be addressed. It is discrimination and I will not be the mother who teaches her daughter to just ‘turn the other cheek’. I don’t care if this area is slow to change, or ‘just doesn’t know any better’, NONE of those things are a legitimate excuse.

Has anyone out there dealt with this before? If so, what were the steps you took? How did it all turn out? I would love to hear from other people that were discriminated against because you or your child didn’t belong to a Christian church or faith.

Thank you again for reading and listening to Witchy Woman Podcast! I appreciate all of you!

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