Abusive Spiritual Leaders & How To Protect Yourself

In The Beginning

I know for myself, when I was beginning my spiritual journey I was hungry for knowledge and mentorship. I felt like the only way to learn more was to find someone to teach me, to lead me to spiritual enlightenment. Now I know this is absolutely not true, we all have the ability within ourselves to find our higher selves and spiritual enlightenment. It is my preference to have a mentor or leader to help me through the rough spots, the times when I need someone more experienced to give me feedback, and to know I am supported. So we look for that person to give us the keys to the kingdom and the first person to create a spark of spirituality within us is who we turn to for leadership. The amount of responsibility that this mentor has is immeasurable. They hold in their hands a soul looking to evolve and how they handle that creates either a beautiful journey or permanent trauma. The people who abuse this position are the worst representatives of the spiritual community and I hope that their victims start speaking out so that their abusers can be flushed out and punished accordingly.

Protect Yourself

There are a number of things you can do to protect yourself when interacting with a new spiritual group or leader. The first thing that I want to impress upon you is self-awareness. Know how you feel emotionally and physically before you walk into that situation. How do you feel? Tired? Excited? Fearful? Do you have any physical pain or discomfort? Then when you walk into the room or space, notice if things change. Did your emotional status change? Do you have any physical pain now? These will tell you if your intuition is comfortable with the situation or not. Next I’d like to talk about excitement vs fear. It’s normal to be excited about meeting with a mentor or interacting with a new spiritual group. Fear is more than butterflies in your stomach. It is a warning that you feel all over. Check these emotions and act accordingly. Your intuition is there to protect you, so use it.

There is also the bubble or shield technique that you can use. I use this to go about my normal day, but especially when I’m interacting with new individuals. Visualize a bubble or shield around you. I visualize this as a bright light that starts in my heart chakra and grows to about two feet around my body. I ask my Spirit Team (Guides, Angels, and Divine Source) to protect me and fill this bubble with love and protection.

Sachets, Amulets, & Talismans

Using herbs is one of my favorite ways to add a layer of protection to myself or space. Adding herbs, crystals, and sea salt to a small bag or sachet and carrying it in your pocket, purse, or even placing it in your car or desk is a great way to layer more protection. Here is an extensive list of ingredients for sachets of various purposes
https://witchofhowlingcreek.wordpress.com/2013/02/19/the-a-z-guide-to-charm-bags-part-1/ . I couldn’t find an chant for this specifically but really love this general protection chant that you could use.

Amulets are another way to create protection for yourself. These can be a charm, ring, or necklace that you wear that is used solely for the purpose of protection. It has special meaning to you and has been charmed and dedicated to your protection. Talismans are similar but are worn to create elevated power for specific purposes. For example, you could have one made and charmed for psychic gifts, prosperity, or for personal power.

Melissa Teel Hartman

I am so blessed to know this beautiful soul and to have her share her story on the podcast this week. She is an Empath Advocate, Spiritual Coach, Psychic Medium, and​ Author of “The Village: Working with, Parenting, & Living as a Empath Child” I wanted to make sure everyone had her information to contact her if you feel called. If you haven’t listened to Episode 12, please do! She shares her brave story of her spiritual journey, a predatory mentor and how she built herself back up and is lifting others up.

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