Altar Tools Series: Crystals

Crystal Uses On My Altar

I incorporate crystals into most aspects of my spiritual practice, most often on my altar. Crystals can represent the elements, your intentions, deities, or anything else you’d like to represent. In my own practice, I usually have one representing each of the elements placed in their corresponding locations on my altar. I also use them for intention work regularly on my altar and to meditate with them after rituals. Using them when working with a deity creates a deeper connection for me and assists me in manifesting work.

The Elements And Directions

Crystals are excellent for representing the energy of each element and direction on your altar. They provide each unique vibration to work with and create a specific vibration. Here is a list of some crystals for each element and direction. Keep in mind this is a small sampling of what you can use, do search around and see what resonates with you.

Earth/North- petrified wood, tiger’s eye, moss agate, and black tourmaline

Water/West- lapis lazuli, sodalite, pearls, aquamarine, or fossilized sea life

Air/East- opal, howlite, yellow jasper, calcite, or picture jasper

Fire/South- ruby, red jasper, garnet, citrine, or fire agate

Spirit- clear quartz, danburite, or amethyst

Deities-Gods And Goddesses

It is common to represent an archetype or deity with crystals on your altar. They hold the specific vibration of what your deity or archetype represents and assists in creating that energy you are seeking to work with. I’m not listing a comprehensive list, just a small one. Pick your crystal and hold it while focusing on your deity and see if it feels right, if not try another one.

Aphrodite- rose quartz

Diana- rainbow moonstone

Freya- cat’s eye or amber

Hecate- smoky quartz or black onyx

Isis- lapis lazuli

Kwan Yin- jade

Lakshmi- pearl

Apollo- saphire

Cupid- opal

Odin- agate or carnelian

Poseidon- pearl or aquamarine

Ra- tiger’s eye

Moon Phases

Moon phases are cycles I work with regularly. We are made to flow with the moon’s cycles and I find it very effective in spiritual work to incorporate lunar work into my practice. I’m going to list just the full and new moon correspondences and not the entire cycle.

Full Moon- rainbow moonstone or selenite

New Moon- labradorite, obsidian, or smoky quartz


Creating an altar to celebrate a Sabbat is one of my favorite things to do to get me in the right frame of mind for each cycle. Decorating my altar with corresponding colors, figurines, candles, and crystals makes me feel so witchy! I love to meditate with my altar crystals and really try to embody the energy of each sabbat. Here are some crystals you can use on your altar to celebrate each sabbat.

Imbolc- moss agate, peridot, or selenite

Ostara (Spring Equinox)- aquamarine, rose quartz, or moonstone

Beltane- bloodstone, carnelian, or malachite

Midsummer (Summer Solstice)- emerald, tiger’s eye, lapis lazuli

Lammas- citrine or peridot

Mabon (Autumn Equinox)- yellow topaz, amber, or garnet

Samhain- carnelian, obsidian, onyx, or smoky quartz

Yule (Winter Solstice)- bloodstone, garnet, or ruby

Intentions, Rituals, And Spells

Working crystals into intentions and spell work is something that can really take your workings to a higher level. Incorporating corresponding crystals assists you in capturing that vibration necessary for manifestation. There are many reasons to do spell work but here are three of the most popular that I found.

Prosperity- citrine, pyrite, jade, or emerald

Love- rose quartz, green adventurine, malachite, or rhodonite

Protection- onyx, black tourmaline, smoky quartz, or shungite

Go With Your Gut

I listed all these crystals and correspondences but you go with how you feel. How you respond to their energy is what is important, not some list that anyone puts together. So trust your gut and go with it!


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