Energetically Cleaning Our New Home

Our New Home

After a long process, we are ready to move into our new home! When you move, cleaning the new home is always on the top of the to-do list. For me, it’s also energetically cleaning the new home and property. Although the previous owners were great and I don’t feel any overwhelming negative energy there, it’s always good to cleanse the home energetically before moving in. By doing so, you can clear out any stagnant or negative energy and pull in positive energy.


When I cleanse a home, I usually use reiki to start out with or end with. I just go with whatever feels right at the moment. I began my process this time with reiki and I went from room to room and used reiki to move the stagnant energy around, get the negative energy out, and make way for positive energy. I think every reiki master does it different, but for me I do each room and face in each direction as well as above and below.

Smoke Clearing

I love to use smoke clearing to clean out a space of negative energy and get the energy moving. You can choose whatever herb resonates with you to burn, or maybe a resin is more your style. Either way, it’s the intention that means the most. I chose Yerba Santa this time to clear out any negative energy. It smells pretty strong and it makes a beautiful smoke, so I really enjoy using it for this purpose. We open all the windows, cabinets, and interior doors in the home and move around the home in a counter clockwise direction to get rid of the negative energy. Sometimes I use a feather to fan the smoke, sometimes I don’t. This time I didn’t use anything but my hand.

Yerba Santa Stick

Oil Blends For Energetic Cleansing

I use an essential oil blend that I created that includes sage, palo santo, peppermint, onyx crystal chips, herb buds, and fractionated coconut oil. The way I use it is to dab some on my finger and go around each window and door with it and use the oil to write a protective rune on it. I like to use algiz but sigils and other symbols that you have a connection with work well too. While we are cleansing the home, I also have a couple oil diffusers going with this blend in it. It smells amazing and creates a really great energy in the home.

Salt & Red Brick Dust

Next I use either dead sea salt, black salt, or red brick dust on the window sills and doors to keep out any negative energy. It creates sort of a seal so that your work doesn’t go to waste by allowing that energy to come back into your home. This time I used red brick dust that I’d made and added some other things into it when I ground it up in my mortar and pestle. At this point in my process I usually feel pretty good about the energy in the home or space and am ready to move onto the outside property if there is some. In our case, we have a pretty large yard and some outbuildings. So that was next on my list. If the energy still felt off, I would have used reiki again to feel the energy and move it around.

Spirals and Energy

For the outside of the home, I use the oil blend that I mentioned earlier in a bit of moon charged water (plain water works fine too, I was just being a bit extra this weekend). I dip my fingers in it and flick it all around the outside of the home. When that is finished I lit up that Yerba Santa stick again and began moving in a counter clockwise spiral starting at the home and working outwards toward the edge of the property. When that was finished, the outbuildings were next and they got smoked too. When all that is done I feel the property again and see if it needs more or if the cleansing part is finished. To do this, I extend my awareness from myself outward like a bubble that grows and engulfs the property. Once I’m satisfied, I move onto the next step; bringing in positive energy.

Drawing In Positive Energy

Next, I brought lavender to smudge with and lit it while on the edge of the yard. For me, lavender feels very positive and has a high vibration, so I use it to raise the vibration and bring in positive energy. I move around the property this time in a clockwise direction to pull in good energy. I focus on thoughts of joy, abundance, peace, and gratitude while I do this. I spiral in towards the house, doing the outbuildings as I go. Once I get to the house, I use another oil blend and moon water to flick on the outside of the home in a clockwise direction. Wild orange and cinnamon smell amazing together, and for me, feel like joy and abundance when I smell them. I use this plus a couple other oils to bless the home with joy and abundance as I dip my fingers in the blend and flick it around the home. When that is finished I go back to the lavender stick and use that smoke in the home going around the space in a clockwise direction still to pull in that good energy. Once that is done I go to the front door and I use the wild orange and cinnamon oil blend on the front door to pull that joyful abundant energy into the home. The basic rule is front door, to pull something to you. The back door is to draw things out. So when I sweep the home I sweep from front door to back door, getting rid of dirt and negative energy.

Final Cleaning

Now we clean the home physically with a blend of liquid dish soap, water, Florida Water, essential oils, crystal chips, and herbs all mixed into a spray bottle. We do everything from the floors to the walls, it all gets cleaned. This adds a layer of cleansing energetically and gets the physical cleaning done too. If you have carpet, you can make your own carpet fresh to sprinkle on it to create the same effect.

Bonus Carpet Fresh Recipe

2 cups baking soda

1 cup dead sea salt, or sea salt

1/2 cup pink salt (fine cut)

Peppermint essential oil

Sage essential oil

Rosemary essential oil

Lavender buds

(whatever other essential oils you’d like)

Mix in a large bowl all the dry ingredients, then add the oils and mix thoroughly. Transfer to a mason jar and use as a carpet fresh. Sprinkle on carpet and allow to ‘soak’ for 15 to however many minutes you’d like, then vacuum up!

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