The American Uterus And Collective Healing

Struggling Empath

I write this post full moon and in a full blown lupus flare up, undoubtedly brought on by the increasingly present weight and stress of reproductive rights in the US. Being an empath has never been too much for me, I’ve had times where it was hard for me, but I’ve managed to learn energy management skills that keep me relatively sane. This has been true up until about a week ago. I connect with the collective energy and feel sick and overwhelmed with strong emotions; rage, frustration, fear, confusion, shame, and isolation. The energy swirling around has left a bitter aftertaste that I just can’t seem to shake. My lupus flare ups are usually pretty predictable and fall into a every four to six week cycle. I am around two weeks early for this one and I can only guess that part of the cause it is the stress of this collective energy. I feel so many emotions right now that it’s hard to pin it down to one main feeling. No matter where you stand on the issue, or if you are an empath or not, it would be near impossible to avoid feeling some of this energy. I hadn’t planned on addressing this issue at all, to keep my mouth shut, and deliver a informative spiritual or metaphysical type blog post and podcast episode this week. But I started to research another topic and I felt that unmistakable pull from Spirit to talk about it. So, here I am, struggling and a mess, talking about a very volatile and personal subject.

A Sad New Reality

Unless you’ve been hiding somewhere without the internet, you know that some US states have taken steps to create and implement stricter abortion laws. I’ve watched this unfold since the first whisperings of Bret Kavanaugh serving on the Supreme Court. I feared that the end game was for abortion laws to be brought to the Supreme Court for him to approve. I realize he’s not the only serving Justice but he has been clear on his stance on abortion. With Neil Gorsuch and Bret Kavanaugh serving, we have a legitimate threat against reproductive rights in America.

So far, Alabama is the first state to completely ban abortion all together. Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri have all introduced bills but they are currently in pending status. Fetal heartbeat laws are the other stance states are taking on the issue. As of today, May 21st 2019, Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, and Ohio have passed laws limiting abortion up to 6 weeks of gestation. The states are currently pending on this are Texas, Louisiana, Minnesota, and New York.

According to an article in the Washington Post, rape and incest are NOT exceptions to their abortion laws. They wrote and passed law that will force rape and incest victims into a pregnancy. How in this day and age did this get passed? I am seriously confused as to how this didn’t get kicked back for a rewrite.

There’s been a lot of information on Facebook about these laws being used to put women in jail for getting an abortion. According to the same May 17th article in the Washington post, women in Alabama can not be prosecuted but the doctor can, punishable up to 99 years in jail. Georgia law isn’t as clear cut as far as prosecuting women but does say it does have parameters to prosecute doctors who perform abortions outside the new law’s six week ban. It does, however, allow women to be investigated if they have a miscarriage, forcing them to prove how they lost their baby. Which is absolutely awful to make a grieving woman and family go through. But after reading an article by it makes it pretty clear that women are not safe from prosecution if they get an abortion or even use any prescriptions, herbs, etc to miscarry. It really is clear as mud and there are multiple articles online with prosecutors from these abortion ban states claiming they will not prosecute women under these laws.

Rape, Incest, Pregnancy

Will banning abortions create a nation that has less instances of abortion? The research says no. In the same Washington Post article they site that According to the Guttmacher Institute, a research and policy organization that advocates for abortion rights. Countries with total or partial bans have an abortion rate of 37 in 1,000 people, while 34 in 1,000 people have abortions in countries with no restrictions on it. But giving them free contraception does! Go figure! A study by Washington University in St. Louis found in 2012 that giving women free birth control reduces abortion rates by 62 to 78 percent, compared to the national rate. But, most health insurance won’t cover contraception or will but covering ‘women issues’ raises rates considerably. Healthcare for women has so much to do with this issue, but that is not a discussion I want to get into at the moment.

Let’s talk about rape. It’s an epidemic and needs to be addressed. According to Dean G. Kilpatrick, Ph. D. of Medical University of South Carolina, in 2000, 683,000 women in the United States are raped each year. Out of that 683,000, 32,101 of those cases result in pregnancy, obtained by the National Institute of Health. Those are old statistics, can you imagine what they are now? That means that 21% of rape victims got pregnant as a result of their trauma, which is very close to the 30% average rate of conception on the first try according to the article ABCs of Subfertility.

There is so much wrong with those stats. The fact that so many women get raped and the fact that a lot of them deal with resulting pregnancies. So yes, this is an actual issue and abortion should 100% be an option for these women.

Then there is incest. Data collected by the FBI in 2012 shows that out of 1156 incest victims, 394 of those were ages 11-15. Did you know that, as sited on WACASA, Research indicates that 46% of children who are raped are victims of family members. According to Psychology Today 2012 by Hal Herzog, Ph.D, 40% fetus’s will be born with autosomal recessive disorders, congenital physical malformations, or several intellectual defects. 14% will be born with or develop mild mental disabilities. This article also states that 50% of the offspring who are created in the act of incest will suffer from an early death, severe birth defect or some mental deficiency. But incest isn’t an exception in Alabama’s new ban, with other super conservative states I’m sure to follow suit.

Unsafe Abortion Kills

Now let’s talk about mortality rates and unsafe abortions. Where do you think these women will go to get an abortion if these extreme laws are in place? They will go to unsafe, unclean facilities and get it done that way. It was that way BEFORE Roe vs Wade, let’s not go backwards.

Worldwide, 42 million women with unintended pregnancies choose abortion, and nearly half of these procedures, 20 million, are unsafe according to the US National Institutes of Health. The article also states that 68,000 women die of unsafe abortions annually, making it the leading causes of maternal mortality. Of the women that survive unsafe abortions, 5 million will suffer long term health complications.

I agree that there needs to be some sort of boundaries that we operate within when it comes to abortion. This isn’t a clear cut issue on either side. Because this is law, religion is 100% not supposed to play a factor in this but it does. Lawmakers and our leaders are using their holy book and their beliefs to write legislation that is cutting the rights of uterus bearing humans off and likened their rights to that of breeding livestock who have zero rights. What they are doing is creating a climate that will result in increased mortality rates for women in this country.

According to the Guttmacher Institute, “In 1930, abortion was listed as the official cause of death for almost 2,700 women—nearly one-fifth (18%) of maternal deaths recorded in that year.” The pre Roe vs Wade era was a dangerous time to be a woman. “In 1962 alone, nearly 1,600 women were admitted to Harlem Hospital Center in New York City for incomplete abortions, which was one abortion-related hospital admission for every 42 deliveries at that hospital that year. In 1968, the University of Southern California Los Angeles County Medical Center, another large public facility serving primarily indigent patients, admitted 701 women with septic abortions, one admission for every 14 deliveries.” Since Roe vs. Wade the deaths from abortion rate has fallen dramatically.

Graphic from

What Now?

Now what can we do? We need to heal the collective trauma. Each person has a strong opinion based on their experiences. These experiences create emotion surrounding their opinion and a lot of these emotions are fear, anger, and shame. We need to address the emotions and go from there. So that’s where us as a spiritual community need to come into play. Be an example. Let’s work on our own fears surrounding this and then offer love and support to the collective. We are broken and every one of you count to heal the masses.

We can influence our immediate social circles the most. So heal yourself! Face your trauma, do self love work, and know you are worth healing. Also, create a safe space for friends and family to share their experiences, opinions, fears, without judgement. We are more powerful in groups! Offer up a tea or coffee time for those who are like minded and need support!

I have been meditating a lot, focusing on my own healing. Releasing any shame, fear, guilt, resentment, and to be honest; rage, surrounding this issue. I’ve written down my darkest fears and most shameful feelings on this and looked myself in the eye and told myself I’m valued, I’m needed in this world, and I am loved.

I’ve put myself out there and said to those who need it, I’m here for those who need someone. Supporting one another is how we change things. Being open to listen to where our individual opinions come from is imperative. We all just want to be heard and understood. When we feel we aren’t we get louder and louder until it’s no longer an opinion or conversation, it’s a fight and conflict.

It’s up to you how you want to respond to this current crisis. Name calling, yelling, and belittling will most definitely do harm.

The Sigil

The graphic of the sigil was provided by Macrabre Magick for all to use to show support of reproductive rights. You can visit them on Facebook here: and on Instagram @snvkeskin @macabremagick

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