Ethics of Spellwork And The Importance of Intention

There Are No Rules

Before I go too far with this subject, I’d like to preface this whole thing by saying that unless you follow a specific spiritual faith, such as Wicca..there are no official rules in witchcraft. There are energetic theories and ideas such as karma, but as an eclectic with there are no rules to follow. I am not Wiccan and I do not claim any specific religion or path. I am an eclectic witch and focus on spirituality and growth. There are no official rules, only my personal rules and boundaries. These are my rules, ethics, and boundaries that I am sharing with you. If yours are different, that is great! Our differences are what make the world so interesting!

Working Through Ethics Of Spells

The first thing I ask myself when thinking about doing a spell or ritual is, “What do I want?”. I want to clarify my end result. Do I want more money? Or do I specifically need a car that the money would buy? I write all this down in my spell journal (which is different than my Book of Shadows). This journal is where I work through the specifics of what I’m going to do. Adding “…this or something better” allows for more to come my way if the Universe feels that it serves my highest good.

Once I’ve got a clear cut idea of what result I’m seeking, I ask myself, “Who/What will this result affect?”. Will this spell take anything from someone? Will it cause someone harm? Can this spell have any possible negative outcomes? All of these questions are addressed in my journal. This ensures that I have thoroughly thought through the spell. One thing I ALWAYS add in my wording of spells is, “…and harm none”. This phrase is my insurance that I’ll not harm someone with the spell, it will just fall flat or work in a different way if it could hurt someone. But, it is still very important that you think through all the possibilities before doing a spell.

Emotions are something that, as humans, we must factor into the equation. Doing a spell out of spite, anger, frustration, or another lower vibration emotion can have harmful effects on you and your spellwork. Clear your mind, meditate, and step back for a day or so if you can’t release those emotions before your spellwork.

Do The Work First

Spells aren’t the ‘easy button’ to fix your life. Without putting in some effort to change your circumstances in your life, spells will most likely fall flat. Witchcraft is an exchange of energies, an ebb and flow, and a cycle of energy that never is destroyed or created..only changed. For example, if I need money and I have no job then the first thing I’m going to do is search actively for a job. I’m going to rewrite my resume, email employers, and do the work in my mundane life first. I’m putting forth my own energy towards my end goal: money. Once I’ve exhausted those avenues, I’ll turn to spells. I’ve invested personally in my end result and the energetic ‘ball’ is rolling already. Doing the spell now has even more meaning, energy, and intention behind it and is much more likely to yield the results I’m seeking.

What Is Intention?

When we talk about intention as it pertains to spellwork and witchcraft we mean the desired result. What is it that you want? For example, in a prosperity spell, my intention could be to gain money to feel secure financially. My intention is the energetic embodiment of that goal. Before anything is manifested here on this Earth, it was a thought or idea in someone’s mind. This is the basis of manifestation and witchcraft.

One of the most simple examples of intention would be affirmations. I have depression, so a great affirmation for myself would be, “I am joyful”. I can write this on a sticky note and put it on my bathroom mirror or maybe on the dash of my vehicle. My desired result is to feel joyful. That would be the intention behind the affirmation; to embody the energy of joy.

I use intention in meditation daily to manage my depression and for other uses such as chakra balancing. Choosing a guided meditation from Youtube that aligns with my intention sets the scene for manifesting my desire.

Things on my altar can also represent my intention; candles, incense, figurines, etc. Each item creates a layer of intention, which strengthens my intention and spellwork. For me, the more layers to my spellwork the better. It all comes down to your faith in what you do. You need to believe that your result will manifest. You intend on getting a new car, then you believe that yes you will have a new car. You embody that feeling that it already happened to create a firm faith and belief that it is happening.

Journal, analyze, and believe in your spellwork! I hope I’ve given you some framework (rules) that you can either follow or not! Happy spell casting!

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