Misunderstood Symbol: The Pentagram

Striking Fear for Decades: The Pentagram

I’m sure you’ve seen a horror movie with a pentacle used as a symbol to denote that evil workings were done somewhere or that the people that drew it were some sort of Satan worshiping hippies. It irritates me from time to time to see it so freely used as a negative symbol to invoke fear, panic, and mystery into viewers. I have to remind myself that it is just entertainment and have a good laugh at it. But what exactly is the pentagram? How does it differ from the pentacle? Do Satanists use these symbols and if so, what does it mean? I would like to dive into these symbols a bit and share my own thoughts and journey with it.

Pentagram Vs Pentacle

First, we need to sort out these two terms. A pentagram is the five pointed star symbol that is often surrounded by a circle. This is a symbol for many religions and faiths, not just witchcraft and paganism. Ancient Israelites, Greeks, Celts, and even Christians have connections to this symbol for various reasons. In the Old Testament, the pentagram was the first of the Seven Seals of Solomon, which is an amulet that revealed the seven names of God. It is also believed that those five points refer to the first five books of Hebrew scripture; the Torah.

The pentacle is a amulet or talisman that depicts a magical, spiritual, or religious symbol. So if you are wearing the five pointed star on a necklace, piece of clothing, or other jewelry then that object is a pentacle that depicts a pentagram. Confused yet?


I want to briefly air this word out a bit. In our modern day, this word and pentagram is so tightly intertwined that I felt it necessary to shed a little light on it all. Yes, this group uses an upside down version of the neopagan/witch pentagram. It signifies earth over spirit, the mastering of spirit by earthly beings and forces. It is often depicted with a goat head or Baphomet inside the star. I did some research for my book a while back about Satanism and what it actually is and they do not, I repeat, DO NOT worship Satan or believe in that construct. I read through their tenants and was pleasantly surprised at the genuine good they want to do on this Earth. This was the first tenant that I read; “One should strive to act with compassion and empathy toward all creatures in accordance with reason”. You can read more if you’d like here at https://thesatanictemple.com/ . I promise you won’t get struck down by a bolt of judgement lightning if you click on that link. So in short, even if you can’t separate Satanism and the pentagram, it doesn’t mean it’s evil because Satanists don’t want to spread evil or worship Satan.

My Journey with the Pentagram

I saw this symbol first when I was a teen, I’m pretty sure it was when I first watched The Craft but I’m not sure. I bought some books by Silver Ravenwolf that I hid from my parents and saw the symbol in there as well and learned about it. I’m not suggesting those books as your first witchy books now, but they did stoke that fire of curiosity back then and for that I am thankful. I saw this symbol in movies and as an avid horror movie fan, I quickly learned that this symbol was thought of a as a negative and evil symbol. So I didn’t wear it, or even draw it for fear of being caught with this ‘terrible’ symbol. I knew what it meant but was unable to embrace that at that age. Fast forward to my 20s, still not really embracing the symbol and it still carried a lot of baggage with it. I bought a ring that had a pentagram hidden underneath the stone and wore that like I had this huge secret that I would burn for if my friends found out. Then came my 30s, where I gave no shits and came completely out of the broom closet to most of my closest friends and eventually my husband. I didn’t have any pentacle jewelry up until this last weekend. I have been increasingly drawn to the pentagram and wanted a way to just dive in and embrace it. I was at the Denver Gem Show and I found a cute pentacle with a crystal inside the pendant. I was instantly drawn to it and snatched it up! I wore it yesterday for the first time and not inside my shirt but on the outside. I felt a sigh of the weight of that baggage I’d been carrying around attached to this symbol just leave with my breath. It was empowering and comforting all in one emotion. I sit here at my dining room table writing this and I smile when I touch my necklace.

To Wear Or Not To Wear

To openly wear a symbol of your practice or beliefs is your own business. I certainly don’t judge you either way. Personally, I have to feel something when I wear my jewelry that doubles as spiritual/witchy items. I’m 40 years old and been out of the broom closet a while, and just started openly wearing mine days ago. It doesn’t mean I was ashamed to wear one. I think it was more fear of what people will say to my family. But they have proven to me that they can handle a lot and are educated in what my practice is and means. So I let go and just followed my bliss. At that moment in Denver it was grabbing that pentacle and wearing it!

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