Changing Websites! New Site!

New Blog Site

I have three websites currently; one for my products I sell, one for my wellness services, and this blog. In an attempt to reduce the chaos that is my life, I decided to have just one site! One site to rule them all! LOL So I’ve been working on a website for the podcast that can include all my irons in the fire. I have moved my blog to . So to stay up to date on my blog posts head over there!! I’ll be putting together a newsletter to keep you notified of new blog posts.

Services I offer, such as distance Reiki, in person Reiki, psychic mediumship readings, and Past Life Regression Therapy are all listed on the site with information on what they all are and pricing.

At this moment I do not have any products or crystals listed on my site, not sure if I will to be honest.

This is a super short post but go check out the new site at! Thanks!

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